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Governance & Regulations

Our experience and deep knowledge of sports regulations makes our firm the choice of sports administrators, athletes and intermediaries on matters of sports governance and compliance with sports regulations.

Torts in Sports

Often times, tortious wrongs arise in sports. It could be in the form of defamation against an athlete or a sports club; negligence on the part of a club or an event organizer as per stadium safety for spectators, or provision of poor sports equipment for athletes; or even negligence of match officials as regards the proper application of the rules of a sport. Whichever side of the suit our clients find themselves, Sportlicitors is well equipped to represent them.

Sports Intellectual Property Rights

Be it clubs, governing bodies or athletes, we assist our clients to protect and maximise potential revenue from their brands and inventions. As such, we advise and help them register their trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc. We also help with commercial agreements which require the protection of their IP rights, and provide legal service where there are infringements of such rights.

Sports Marketing & Sponsorship

Our firm provides quality legal advice that helps clients navigate hurdles they may face in the course of marketing their sports teams, sports events or the management of their athletes. We also provide bespoke agreements for club sponsorship, events’ sponsorship, supply of kits, athlete endorsements, etc.

Employment Contracts and Disputes Resolution

At Sportlicitors, we provide quality legal drafting and advice for clubs and athletes as regards negotiation of employment contracts. We also provide legal representation in dispute resolution before FIFA’s PSC/DRC, national sports arbitration panels, and civil courts. We have provided service to clients such as Ghanaian player – Godbless Asamoah; Super Eagles Midfielder – Ogehenekaro Etebo; Belgian Coach – Maurice Cooreman; Sunshine Queens FC ex-Captain – Adeola Aminu; Nigerian Club -Geedeedee FC, among others.

Club Start-up & Registration

Our firm also provides legal services for clients who start up new clubs. As an accredited Agent, we assist with the registration of such clubs with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a corporate legal entity; licensing by the relevant governing bodies, advice on recruitments vis-à-vis the regulations of the sports, etc.

Sports Immigration Services

Sportlicitors also deploys its expertise to assist governing bodies, clubs and athletes with immigration matters. Such services include the procurement of travelling visas, residence permits, work permits, etc.

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